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Welcome to ArmourKleen

Armourkleen are certified EnduroShield Applicators.

Tiles & Grout
Stainless Steel

What is EnduroShield?

EnduroShield is a super-thin and transparent coating that will completely adhere to any Glass, Ceramic Tile, Grout and Stainless Steel surfaces providing protection and preventing the surface from staining, etching and build up from water, body oils, soap scum, salt, chlorine, lime scale, dirt and grime, reducing your cleaning time by up to 90%! It works similar to a non-stick fry pan, making cleaning easier using only water and a mild detergent or with a microfiber cloth. No longer is scrubbing with harsh toxic cleaners needed, EnduroShield makes cleaning a breeze.




Extensive testing has proven EnduroShield to last beyond 10 years, enabling a genuine 10-year limited warranty on all new glass surfaces. A 3-year limited warranty is provided for application to existing glass surfaces, however this does not infer the coating will stop working after this period.