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Scratch Removal

One of the major drawbacks of glass is that accidental damage or scratching can occur during the building process through handling, installation or through vandalism. There is a large amount of glass that is damaged before it reaches the installation stage, during the manufacture and transport process. The glass is then unusable due to scratching, costing glass companies in wastage and time.


EnduroShield have a glass scratch removal System that has been developed to remove scratches from glass surfaces. It has been extensively tested to remove scratches from all types of glass, including tempered and laminated. 


The most common occurrence of glass scratching is due to vandalism. Replacing the glass can be a very expensive and sometimes an impractical solution. A much more affordable solution is to remove the scratches quickly and effectively with the EnduroShield Glass Scratch Removal and Restoration System. A fraction of the cost of replacement.


Examples of where scratches can be removed from;

  • Shop fronts
  • Transport shelters
  • Windows
  • Buses, Trains & Trams
  • Boats
  • Glass roofs
  • Balustrading